Would you like to reduce your stress, save time and most of all, have peace of mind about having your finances in order? Then put NET 30 to work for you!

NET 30 is an established bill-paying service in Richmond, Virginia that specializes in providing affordable and convenient solutions for personal and professional needs. We are the smart solution in today’s hurried lifestyle where people are juggling demanding jobs, children’s schedules, aging parents and a host of community and professional responsibilities.  Keeping up with bills, budgeting and banking add more to an already overflowing plate.

Some clients tell us they were not good at paying bills on time because of job-related travel or simply being disorganized. Others confess they did not know how to properly manage their finances and found themselves in financial dilemmas which ruined their credit score. In situations like these, NET 30’s bill paying service becomes less of a luxury and more of a necessity.


Tell us who, when and how much.

  • We pay anyone – from your gardener to your dentist
  • We pay in full, or just the minimum (per your request)
  • We can use any bank and pay from different accounts
  • Have a rental house or beach house?  We can pay bills for multiple addresses!

What do you get from us?

  • We provide detailed expense reports that show you where you’re spending your money.  Did you know you spent that much on movies?  Groceries?
  • We reconcile your bank account each month so you have confidence your funds are being managed properly.
  • We give you an accurate year end statement making your tax preparation a breeze!

What does it cost?

  • There is a one-time set up fee to get you activated. The monthly cost will be determined after your consultation, but typically our clients pay an average of $200/month.

Are you a Senior or Caregiver?  You may find it more difficult to manage your checkbook and bills, but you wish to have privacy and confidentiality about your financial matters. Perhaps your family lives out of town and they need to know that your bills are being paid on time and correctly. Almost one in five family caregivers lives more than one hour away from their elderly family member. This can mean frequent trips dealing with bills and not having time for meaningful visits with loved ones.

Whatever your situation, NET 30 can relieve you or your family of the burden of bill-paying, banking and budgeting. We can handle your personal financial affairs by working with you directly or with your family on your behalf.

Call us now to schedule a free consultation.  We’ll walk you through the process.